Our one mission is to cater to your digital needs. We cover all aspects and focus on strategy and risk assessment and help bridge the gap between your local reach and global ambitions. 

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Why Rika Group UK?

Our services offered are second to none. Please follow the links below to discover why …


Our tailored marketing campaign software and solutions help you sell smarter, better and faster. Knowing you are selling to and more importantly, who you could potentially sell to is the single most important factor for startups and a dominant factor in established service providers who are looking to expand or keep market share.

Business Consulting

Technology allows advertising campaigns to be launched in diverse and far distant markets. Correct market analysis and interpretation is necessary But to be effective requires careful preparation both creatively and operationally. We launch campaigns simultaneously in multiple markets with a creative presentation unique to each audience.

Design and Development

We develop apps, web apps, software, backend solutions and more. In-house designers and developers ensure that your project is kept running and tailored to your specific, via our dedicated account managers.


Both technical and customer support is our speciality. Whatever the language, host, provider, ISP or product, we can offer a guaranteed and professional service for support. 24/7/365 with no downtime as of yet. simply being online for your customers will lead to a direct and positive increase in revenue.


Even if your service is global, the local approach is always best. If client see incorrect translations, or worse, none at all, it will negatively impact the professionalism of your product. We specialise in all translational services

Hosting Solutions

The cloud is the future. We can offer the best hosting solutions for your service with minimal or no fees taken from our side. Our industry connections means we can provide the best solution for you product. VPs, dedicated, cloud-hosting, gaming-servers and more. All hosting solutions are data-protection compliant.

Rika Group UK helped tremendously in the planning, initial staging and general consultancy along side myself for my clients new web and mobile application. Great teamwork and knowledge base.

Felix Doughry
UX Designer

We also offer some more bespoke services for clients with extraordinary needs …

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